About Taylor

Taylor McArthur will graduate from Arizona State University at the end of 2012 with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. He specializes in public relations and digital media with a
focus in digital media entrepreneurship.

Upon graduating from high school Taylor founded his first company, McArthur Janitorial. It was a commercial cleaning company that sought to show business owners that less really is more.

He felt that many cleaning companies spent far too much time doing meaningless work and in turn costing business owners more than necessary. His philosophy was that a company could spend half as much time cleaning a business and achieve the same results, for a much lower cost. At 18-years-old he began walking

 from business to business throughout the Phoenix-Metro area pitching his services to office managers, dentists, and doctors. After a few months of hard work he had clients ranging from physical therapy and dental offices to construction company headquarters and furniture consignment companies.

Since then Taylor has continued to look for new and innovative ways to do things in every aspect of his life. No matter what he does he cannot shake that itch to question everything and somehow make money in the process.

Recently he was selected as a winner of the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative at Arizona State University and he is now working on his next venture, Abel Foods.


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