Innovate for good; not just for green

The world has some problems. We turn on the news each night and are bombarded with challenges facing every society. From problems facing our own education systems to AIDS and starvation abroad, it can all be overwhelming if ingested too quickly.

Just the other morning I was driving to work in silence as I often do. Driving is a time when I can clear my mind of all the clutter and think about things that would normally be pushed out by all of the other stuff that squeezes its way in between my ears each day (it gets pretty crowded in there. . .if you don’t believe me, just ask my fiance ;)).

Anyways I was driving and thinking about the problems of the world, really I know it sounds silly. . . but I was. I was thinking about how we as humans could ever possibly solve those problems. World hunger, disease, poverty, failing education systems, you know, the usual. And I remembered something that Bill Drayton, the innovator who made the term “social entrepreneur” popular said.

“It’s the combination: big idea with a good entrepreneur: there’s nothing more poweful. That’s just as true [for] education and human rights as it is for hotels or steels.”

I had read about social entrepreneurs in the past and I thought it was pretty cool. People using business skills and contacts to make a difference to people other than the shareholders of their company. But it wasn’t until this car ride that I really realized what could be accomplished with this new “social entrepreneurship.”

It was definitely an “aha” moment . . .although I tend to think I have abut ten of those each day haha.

Entrepreneurs see problems, and then fix them. So what if there was a whole class of entrepreneurs that saw the problems facing the world, and even when there werent huge profits to be made; they solved them?

“”Most people don’t want to see problems,” said Bill Drayton. “Once you see a problem and keep looking at it, you’ll find an answer.”

I feel like I am a mini-entrepreneur now, working my way towards being a real one. And the more I look at the problems I want to solve, the more I realize I want to innovate for good, not just for green.



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